801 Church Street, Galt


Q: Does my family have to attend Galt Bible Church to be able to send my children to Galt Christian School?

A: No. Galt Christian School is a ministry of Galt Bible Church, but you do not need to attend Galt Bible Church to send your children to our school.

Q: Is your school accredited?

A: Yes, we are a fully accredited school through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Q: What curriculum does your school use?

A: We primarily use A Beka Book curriculum along with other supplemental materials.

Q: Does your school have a special dress code?

A: Yes, we do require that all children wear uniforms.  To keep the cost down for our families, we do allow uniforms to be purchased from other stores as long as they fall within our uniform guidelines.  Please refer to our Dress Code Policy for more information.

Currently we allow Free Dress Fridays for our students.  Free dress clothing must still fall within our school dress code guidelines. For questions about appropriate attire, please contact the school office.

Q: Does your school have a hot lunch program?

A: Yes, we offer hot lunch on Fridays only.  Meals include a main dish, fruit/vegetable, salad, dessert and either water or 100% fruit juice.  Meals must be purchased a month in advance and for the entire month.  Please check with the school secretary for current costs.

Q: Does your school offer childcare before and after normal school hours?

A: Yes, we do.  Please refer to our Before & After School Care page for more information.