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Referral Incentive Program

**GCS reserves the right to change any and all information without notice**

We are excited to offer our existing families a wonderful opportunity to lower their monthly tuition costs for one full school year by simply referring a new student to our school. The referring family will receive a tuition discount of $300 to be paid out over the course of the school year as determined by the administration.

Limitations & Restrictions:

• The term ‘new student’ is defined as one without any other siblings currently enrolled in Kindergarten – 8th grade at our school.
• The new student must fully complete the enrollment process and be paying full tuition without any tuition assistance.
• This offer is limited to two new student referrals per school year per referring family.
• The Referral Incentive Program is limited to a total of 10 new students on a first come first served basis.
• In order to qualify for the discount, the referring family must have one or more children enrolled in our school paying full tuition.
• This offer is subject to enrollment restrictions, as in the case of a class size not being able to accommodate the new student(s) being referred.
• Tuition discounts for the referring family may not exceed the total tuition paid by that family.
• Tuition discounts are only valid for the first year the new student enrolls in our school.

Please complete the form below and return it to the office.
GCS Referral Incentive Program