801 Church Street, Galt

Admissions Procedures

Contact the school office to set up a tour.  You will receive a school information packet and a school handbook.

Read through the information packet and handbook, and agree to abide by the handbook.

Once you have submitted your Application for Admission and Pastor Reference Form the school office will arrange an interview with both of the parents and the student(s).

Parents will be notified of acceptance for enrollment.

Medical forms must be submitted for all students regarding standard vaccinations, or an exemption affidavit must be signed as required by the State of California.

**UPDATE: In accordance with California Senate Bill 277, effective July 1st, 2016, all students entering Kindergarten or 7th grade must show proof of up to date vaccinations or they will not be allowed to attend school. Up to date medical exemptions will be accepted.    

****Galt Christian School believes that it should be the parent’s choice to decide whether or not to vaccinate their child.  No child should be denied an education because they are not vaccinated or are on an alternative vaccine schedule.  Our private school receives absolutely NO government funding, whatsoever.  Private schools, like us, who rely on their own funding, have absolutely no place in this new admissions requirement.  We strongly disagree with this new law, but we unfortunately have to abide by it.