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Parent Volunteer Program

**GCS reserves the right to change any and all information without notice**

Parents at Galt Christian School get involved and work together with students, teachers, support staff and administration bringing glory to God in the school’s daily activities.  We believe that volunteering is spiritually rewarding and the Parent Volunteer Program (PVP) was designed to encourage parent participation in their student’s education.

Galt Christian School has instituted a service requirement for the parents/guardians of our school students. This program results in hundreds of hours of volunteer service. It benefits the school, as well as our students and staff, in many ways. It also allows for the development of new friendships not only between teacher and parents, but also among parents. In addition, educational costs are reduced as programs are supported through this involvement.

Opportunities to volunteer on campus abound!  Parents are encouraged to seek out opportunities to serve at the start of the school year and begin ‘clocking’ hours as the year continues. Ask your student’s teachers and office staff where you can get involved.  There are opportunities to earn PVP hours during the school day, in the evenings, and on weekends.

Required Hours

Final due date for PVP hours are normally due one week before school ends.  Please check your PVP Hour Tally Card for specific dates.  

Each family is required to volunteer a certain number of hours each school year.

Incomplete hours will be billed to family accounts at $10 per hour.

Single Parent Family

Two Parent Family

10 Hours

20 Hours

Required Hours for Later Registration

For families who join GCS later in the year, please calculate required hours as follows:

Count the number of months remaining in the school year through May (10 months max).  Multiply that number by 1.0 for single parent families or 2.0 for two parent families.

Example:  A two-parent family begins in December.  There are 6 months left in the school year (December – May).  Multiply 6 x 2.0 = 12 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions about PVP

PVP Tally Card